Simple Pool Cleaning Tips for Busy Homeowners


Having a pool is a great thing until the time comes to clean it. Even though regular maintenance is not too difficult, many people still do not have the time to take care of it, so they need some alternatives to have their pools in spotless condition.

Hire someone

One of the easiest ways you can make your pool look clean and great is to hire experts to maintain it for you. When you hire professionals with a swimming pool cleaner, you have done what is best for your pool.

These people have years in the business and they know just what it needs. If you are someone who is too occupied with work or other matters, then what you need to do is hire someone, and you do not have to worry about anything.

When picking your expert cleaners, you should first look at what they do and see what they are going to do to your pool. Explain to them what they need and how much they are going to bill you for that. It would be best that you hire someone who can clean it regularly, which will reduce algae and make your pool look great all the time.

Plan accordingly

If you are a busy person, then you should plan accordingly so that you can have a clean pool. Even the busiest people have some free time, at least a few hours a week. During this time, what you can do is plan to clean your pool.

You can also divide these obligations by week with your family members. One week you will maintain it, while the next someone else has that duty.

Call for help

If you are too busy at the time, you could ask one of your neighbors or relatives to help you out with your pool. You could call some of them and ask whether they want to help you this time. If they agree, you should reward them with something afterward.

For example, you could host a dinner or try to pay them for the job they’ve done. Also, if someone helps you out, you need to keep in mind that sometime in the future you will have to return the favor if you can.

Skim it

One great way you can keep your pool clean is by skimming it. You can remove leaves and other debris by skimming, which is the name of the process of using a net to clean your pool. By regularly taking out insects, leaves, and other things you can find in a pool, you will prevent them from falling to the bottom of it, which will lead to more work for you.

Also, by removing debris from the water, you will better manage the purity of the water because the debris forms murkiness in the water, which can be disgusting to look at and people won’t feel good about entering the pool because of it.

All the things you skimmed out of your pool could have clogged up your filtration system, which could completely stop it from working. Last but not least, by regularly removing debris, you will hinder the growth of algae because it provides nutrients for algae growth.

Check the filters

The pool filters are the part that keeps your water clean, which means that you have to maintain them regularly if you want your pool to remain pristine. What you need to do is regularly remove anything that is clogging up the system.

If you do not do this, then you fail to do the work necessary to keep your pool clean, which can lead to something breaking, which means that you will have to call someone in to repair it. If you have a properly functioning filter, you do not have to use as many chemicals, which means less work for you.

Think about using chemicals

Another way to maintain your water quality and keep it clean is by using chemicals. Many things affect the quality of your water. What you need to do is invest in a testing kit that will measure the pH of your water and some other aspects.

Depending on what you find out about your water, you may need to use some chemicals to get it to the best possible conditions. You may need to use shock treatment, which means that you use chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals to kill organisms such as bacteria, algae, and others.

What you need to do is just add the chemicals to the water sometimes when you are not using it, for example, in the evening. Just follow the instructions and you won’t have any problems.

If you are faced with a severe case of algae, then you may need to use something stronger, like an algaecide, so that you can remove it from the walls of the pool. After you have done your treatment, you need to test the water again so that you can see if it is in the right balance.

Think about using chemicals

Clean around it and watch your children

If you want to have a pool that you do not have to do a lot to keep clean, then you need to ensure that some factors are not contributing to it being dirty. One such factor is the area surrounding your pool.

You need to constantly remove leaves and other things that can get into your pool. You need to mow your lawn and wash your driveway. What you should also think about is getting your children in check. Tell them what they can bring into the pool and what not.

Children nowadays are reckless; you should not allow them to bring in snacks and sodas if they do not know how to behave themselves.

Your pool is an important part of your home. It has a great influence on its appeal so you need to maintain it regularly if you want everything to look proper. There are many ways you can keep it in check and what you will do depends on your funds and your time.

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